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Andrew Chow illustrates Social Media through Cooking by Kendrick Ng
Andrew Chow Best Selling Author book signing – Social Media 247

Social media in business is no longer a choice. The advent of social media has resulted in a fundamental shift in how people communicate and interact with one another on the internet.

This has a major impact on business communication, practices and processes. Social Media 247 is about how businesses can take advantage of this communication revolution to engage with customers, boost customer loyalty, and empower the community to be brand ambassadors.

It is about why businesses need to treat social media as a lifestyle, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to extract maximum value from it. No matter the size of your business, this book contains everything you need to know on social media fundamentals, applications, planning, implementation as well as its monitoring in your organisation.

Each chapter ends with a Key Notes section for easy recap, as well as a Reflections section to facilitate brainstorming within your organisation.


Social 247 Media Series – #1 “Working with Social Brand Ambassadors”

Managing Negative Comments for Brands on Social Media

Social Media 247 – #3 “Identifying 9 Different Personalities on Social Media”

Social Media 247 Series – #4 “How to Extend your Social Influence to Add Value to your Resume”

Social Media 247 Series – #5 “Creative Sourcing : Using social media for recruitment”

Social Media 247 Series – #6 “Social Media for B2B versus B2C”

Andrew Chow with Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad in 2015

“Great book to read! This book is filled with practical tips for launching effective social media campaigns. The summary and checklist after each chapter are very effective and powerful guide for execution. It really helps my company in terms of social media strategies, planning and getting the right people for the right task.”
Kris Lu

Andrew Chow presents Social Media 247 and Public Relations 247 to Mayor of Jerusalem in TBEX International 2017

In Social Media 247, Andrew explains what social media is all about in clear and concise chapters that are simple to understand and act upon. If you are tasked as a marketer to manage your organization’s social media, this book provides all the essential tips and tricks to get you started. As a veteran social media marketing manager, you would easily identify with some of the chapters in this book and this book could act as a checklist to ensure you did not miss anything.
Christopher How

Jacky Chua with Social Media 247

Good books are usually hard to read and easy-to-read books usually come short on the contents. Yet this is one book that is filled with useful, applicable contents in simple, short writing. The tech-savvy people may already be familiar with some of the strategies mentioned, but for the rest, this is definitely an engaging and authoritative guide to the big world of “Social Media”!
Hazel Sia

This is a book that covers this wide topic well without having readers to meander through the unnecessary. The points made in each topic are sharp and practical allowing the reader to get a quick frame of many important related sub-topics within the area. The parts on planning, implementing and monitoring are particularly useful for one to hit the ground running. Highly recommended.

Chien Wei

Andrew Chow films book trailer for Social Media 247 in J_s Salon

Many brilliant new insights, especially about the nine different personalities on Social media, Social brand pitfalls etc. Highly recommended if you’re serious about bringing social media to another higher level.
Lucreatius Goh

Andrew Chow launched Social Media 247 Book in 2012 at the National Library of Singapore