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Public Relations 247 Visual Recording by SuperBrand Me

Public Relations helps you build visibilty, credibility and interest for you and your business. Many small business owners hope to generate buzz and media publicity but feel intimidated or do not know where to begin. This arises from the common misconception that media publicity is exclusive to companies with big budgets to employ corporate communications specialists or engage PR agencies.

The truth is, regardless of the size of your company, you too can create media publicity once you master the art and science behind PR. It all starts with crafting an effective pitch, which is a combination of understanding your brand essence and adding a dose of creativity and flair. An insight into what is considerded newsworthy and what the media is looking out for will increase your odds of having a successful pitch and generating the publicity you and your business truly deserve.

PR should form part of your business’ overall sales and marketing strategy to help you uplift your brand image in the eyes of your stakeholders and the public.

“Public Relations 247” is written with entrepreneurs and business owners in mind to impart the art and science of PR. Within this book, you will find the key to executing a successful strategic PR plan to bring your business to a new level. You will also find 50 tested-and-proven strategies on media pitching that will give you a headstart in your PR campaign.


Public Relations 24/7 Part 1

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PR 24/7 Part 3 – Getting Media Ready

Marketing Mojo: PR 24/7 Part 4 – Mastering The Art of Media Pitching

Marketing Mojo: PR 24/7 Part 5 – Crisis Management

Andrew Chow gave 200 copies of Public Relations 247 to VWOs and Charities in an NVPC Talk in 2015

Andrew Chow my gratitude goes out to you. At the ‘So You Want to be an Author’ workshop you shared what it entailed in the marketing and PR of a book. You also shared what a book can do for a persons personal branding. You also made it clear that goals, motives and objectives should be considered carefully. Just having a monetary profit aim may disappoint. Your candid, frank and to the point style helped me register the facts and i prepared myself appropriately. Next you helped me get location for book launch ‘Visual Arts Centre’. You invited me and showed me what a launch entails. You arranged my radio interview with Eugene Loh. You put aside your valuable time to meet me on a few occasions to coach me and shared with me your book on ‘Personal Branding’ to prepare for the talk. You were to follow me to the radio interview but due to a change in your travel plans, when you could not, you requested Kok Hwa to come. You continue to guide me. In this day and time there are few people who go out of the way to help others. You are one of them. I have a perpetual gratitude to you. Thank you Andrew.
Ram Dubey, Author of “From Drunken to Driven” & “From Relapse to Redeemed”

Public Relations 247 used a textbook for So You Want To Be An Author Workshop from 2014-2018

As a veteran of public relations, branding and marketing, Andrew is the expert to go to if you want to elevate your business profile and super charge your business. Using his creative and unique approach, Andrew secured high profile media interviews for my business, Stradivari Strings. These include Sunday Times feature on 20 June 2019, radio interview with Mediacorp’s “93.8 Now” on 19 March 2019, and interview with multiple-award winning blogger Grace Tan. The total public relations value delivered to date is $250,000. These high profile media interviews were further leveraged with Andrew’s strategic direction to convert them professionally to videos. These videos provided solid content for Stradivari Strings youtube channel. The PR spin offs also to other social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. As Andrew rightly pointed out, “In business, you do not want to be the best kept secret”. With his guidance, I also implemented highly effective social media strategies from January 2019. His clear and concise strategy to social media also helped my business gain a big tribe of followers. My tribe continues to grow each day. With Andrew’s expertise, my business volume hit an all-time high in June 2019 and the best is yet to come. Andrew is a top-notch professional who is highly energetic, passionate and cares about the progress of each of his client. I cannot thank him enough for turbo charging my business. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for an effective PR, branding and marketing expert
Rita Yeo, Managing Director of Stradivari Strings

Andrew Chow with Visual Recorder for Public Relations 247 Talk

Andrew is not only a great guy, but a true professional in his sphere with wide-ranging knowledge and deep understanding of the market. As a PR strategist, he has helped me with live media interviews, generousl imparting his vast knowledge and experience to ensure maximum results and exposure. Ideas continuously flow from this personable chap, and if you ever have a chance to have coffee with him, your brain will be glowing with new ideas that may take you in directions you never imagined.
Wong YuJin, Mental Toughness Coach

Andrew Chow presents Social Media 247 and Public Relations 247 to Mayor of Jerusalem in TBEX International 2017

I had the honor and pleasure of working with Mr Andrew Chow, on several occasions. Andrew did a talk on Public Relations 24/7 during SCCCI’s annual SME Conference event in 2015, and audiences were most impressed with his insights and case studies on real world PR and CorpComm matters. Andrew acted as moderator for several events, which demostrated his depth in public speaking and hosting. One of such events was a mega social media conference for SMEs, with speakers from Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. He was also invited to speak at Linkedin Singapore for his professional knowledge and insights. Andrew is a true blue expert with Social Media capabilities. Ask him anything regarding Social Media, Branding, PR, Public Speaking etc. He is the man to engage! I will highly recommend Andrew if you have needs for his outstanding online knowledge and understanding.

David Pooi, then SCCCI Business Development Manager in 2015

Public Relations 247 Book Cake at book launch 2015
J’s Salon Brand Ambassador – featured in Public Relations 247

Andrew is a highly sought after PR & Media speaker and trainer in Asia. With his vast experience in the PR industry and Media platform, Andrew had helped many companies to create awareness and opportunities that made milllions of dollars through his speaking, training, coaching & consulting. I had seen him spoke and trained companies on PR & Social Media. He is indeed an expert in this. I would highly recommend him if your organization’s need is in the area of PR & Media. With his tools and knowledge available, he is the RIGHT GUY for you! 

Richard Gavriel

Public Relations 247 given as Chris and Doris wedding lucky draw in Dec 2015
Andrew Chow with Grace Tan, blogger (Author of Blogging for a Living) and book reviewer of Public Relations 247.
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