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Personal Branding 247

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Listed as 18th of the top 100 Best Personal Branding Books of All Time by BOOK AUTHORITY

“Personal Branding within your inner circle is really about what most of them will say whenever your name is mentioned in a conversation”

Personal Branding 247 is the latest book in the 247 Series.

  • Personal Branding Audit. Personal Branding starts with knowing core value, belief and life mission. Your skills and knowledge are merely icing on the cake. Identifying opportunities and leveraging them with your strength is the first step to success. Identifying the gap between your destination and your current situation is essential for a personal branding strategy road map.
  • Personal Branding Strategy. Who are you externally and internally? What do you do best which no one else is aware of current? How should you go about developing your uniqueness? Where should you be spending more time and resources on self improvement?
  • Personal Branding Communication. Which is the best way to display your personal branding? Social media is just one of the many avenues. Are you comfortable with writing? How about writing a blog or even a book? Are you at ease to do public speaking? Are you more inclined to serve in charity? How do you want to be recognised?

“Personal Branding is your uniqueness made visible and recognised”

Personal Branding 247

I really enjoyed this read and finished the book in one sitting! I realised that my personal brand was conflicted, and this made me unfocused, and de-energised. I especially appreciated the personal sharings by Andrew, and the reflection questions along the way. These helped me realise what are the things I need to say no to, in order to say yes to the things of priority in my life.


Interview with Andrew Chow, Author of Personal Branding 247

It all started with his book – Personal Branding 247 which forced me out of my immediate comfort zone and got me thinking about my vision and personal mission in this world. Looking at things from such a high level gave me the clarity and courage which I’ve not had before to create a perfect world I envision. During his 3-full-day workshop, we were trained on the different ways to market ourselves online and even given step-by-step instructions on how to do so. It is definitely intense and exceeded my expectations completely. It ended with me going live on Facebook and garnering some 1.5K view to date… definitely not something I would do on a normal day. But you see, Andrew has such high expectations of his classes and the people he works with that he will certainly help you to unlock your potentials and achieve bigger milestones in life. So blessed to have him as a coach and mentor.
Vivienne Neo

Andrew Chow is the icon, the specialist, the charismatic individual you go to when you required more ideas, consultation on personal branding. Branding used to be just what corporations do. But Andrew has make known to many people that branding is also applicable, if not, more significant, for individual’s success. If you do not brand yourself proactively, others will do the branding for you, based on their perceptions. Andrew is also sincere, helpful and is always ready to land his support for a good cause. He may be a very busy person, he is still a very person’s person. He connect well with people and always sharing new insights with the people around him. He has written 3 books and each one is a gem. Looking forward to his fourth book. I am delighted to have known this gentleman whom I have learned much from.

Patrick Chang, Author of “The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning”

Andrew Chow – 3-in-1 Box Set Social Media 247 Public Relations 247 Personal Branding 247

Personal Branding 247 book launch in India with Andrew Chow and Yuki Ng
Personal Branding 247 Book featured in Malaysia Newspaper
Grace Tan and Andrew Chow have been friends since 2011. Grace attended or reviewed all of my books. I am very grateful to her.

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