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Richard Gavriel Speaker Management 2013

BusinessAn agency to market professional speakers for keynote delivery and training to corporate client
MDRichard Gavriel
SynopsisThere were 8 regular speakers each with each specialty.
ChallengesBesides speaker bureau, there were hardly any agency to market professional speakersThe marketing of speakers rest entirely on the agency, and not every speaker is exclusive to the agencyAll 8 speakers had their personal branding done previously and there was a lack of group identity
SolutionsOrganising special conferences and seminars in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines as a groupCreating a special series of radio interview with all 8 speakers to brand the group via Malaysia BFM 89.9Creation of Speaker One Sheet for every speakerUsing video as a marketing tool on social media from 2012
TakeawayRGSM became a household name in the Insurance Industry
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