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Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore 2012

BusinessAn association for professional speakers working in or living in Asia, primarily operating from Singapore
PresidentCathy Johnson (2019-2020)
SynopsisAsia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) is an association whose membership is made up of subject experts who are already speaking and/or training professionally, and others who aspire to become professional speakers/trainers.Our members are from a wide spectrum of industries and disciplines, reaching audiences as mentors, educators, trainers, consultants, authors and more.ObjectivesAt APSS we aim to:Grow, facilitate, encourage, develop and contribute to the community of speaking professionals in Singapore
 Improve the standard of professional speaking by developing speaking techniques and professionalism, and sharing experiences and expertise among members
 Provide opportunities for members to share their experiences and expertise with the community through seminars and public talks
 Help develop the professional speaking industry and the community of speakers in AsiaFocusAt APSS we are focused on:Expertise
This refers to knowledge, skills and experience, with a particular emphasis on the application of this knowledge, these skills or experience.
This refers to the art of speaking and the use of powerful and persuasive presentations. It embodies the knowledge and skills of presenting and performing, as well as techniques for creating the proper setting for an effective presentation.
This refers to the skills needed to undertake a successful speaking business. It involves business management, sales and marketing, and the skills and techniques needed to generate income through speaking engagements and other revenue streams.
This refers to the principles or standards governing the conduct of the members of the speaking profession. It is the foundation and the summation of the three other competencies. It encompasses your reputation, character, integrity, honesty and the building of trust with all of your stakeholders.
ChallengesWhen APSS launched its first and only book – 88 Essential Secrets to Achieving Greater Success at Work, it has the following challenges:
The association is only 9 years old with less than 150 membersThough there are 22 contributing authors in the book, the marketing effort rested solely Marshall Cavandish, the publisherThere were almost no publicity for the association in the mainstream media and social media was rather fragmented.There were too many topics to be the central focus points of any media story.There was also no designated office bearer to spearhead the PR efforts.
SolutionsOrganise a seminar – Raise Your Game in 2012 with authors as speakers and panelists of their topics in the programFeature of 10 out of 22 authors on Radio 938live on different programs hosted by Eugene Loh and Michelle MartinFeature of 3-4 authors in Malaysia BFM 89.9
TakeawayThe book eventually become a Best Seller in Malaysia
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